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Kinalta Therapeutics
Kinalta Therapeutics

Developing the Next Generation of Therapeutics for the Chinese Market

About Us

Who We Are

Kinalta Therapeutics, Inc. is a US based pharmaceutical company using a robust and novel approach to identify, license and develop New Chemical Entities for unmet medical needs in the Chinese market. We are a team of pharma industry experts with extensive experience in small molecule drug discovery, development and regulatory approval in the US, EU and China. With significant financial backing, we are building a robust pipeline that will address unmet needs in China and other unserved markets with the initial focus on new therapeutics for China, and then further development in Global Markets.

Our Mission

Kinalta Therapeutics is committed to bringing unique and innovative pharmaceutical assets to the China market.  We are currently identifying early-stage New Chemical Entities (NCE), acquiring the rights on a global basis (or China only) and then continuing development and commercialization efforts.  Kinalta’s strategy is to focus initial development activities on regulatory approval in China, and then explore clinical development in additional global markets.

Our Approach

Our teams assess opportunities based on multiple criteria including: asset development stage, target market(s), product indications, commercial aspects, and intellectual property, among others.  These criteria help us to provide a framework for consistent and objective feedback to our partners, whether we decide to move forward with the opportunity or not.

Our Pipeline Development Strategy

Therapeutic Area Focus

We are primarily interested in the following therapeutic areas but will also review adjacent opportunistic areas: 

Liver Disease 

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD); Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH); Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC); 

Hepatic steatosis; Hepatitis B virus (HBV); Alcoholic liver disease (ALD)

Pulmonary Disease

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF); Asthma; COPD 

Pain and Inflammation 

Neuropathic pain; Nociceptive pain; Osteoarthritis 

Kidney Disease 

Diabetic nephropathy; Acute kidney disease (AKI); Kidney fibrosis; Chronic kidney disease (CKD)

NCE Focus

Development Stage 

Pre-Clinical Through End Phase 1

Molecule Type 

Small Molecule; Synthetic Peptide

Routes of Administration

Oral, IV, Inhaled

Must Have

Strong IP coverage and runway to allow for development and commercialization

Out of Scope



Medical Devices 


June 2018

Kanalta Therapeutics is delighted to announce their attendance at the 2018 Bio International Conference in Boston, June 4-7

Contact Us

Kinalta welcomes inquiries from companies interested in licensing New Chemical Entities and has partnered with KYBORA Emerging Markets to facilitate any discussions. 

Please direct all inquiries to

Nicolas Gikakis

Kinalta Therapeutics, Inc

103 Carnegie Center, Suite 300, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, United States

(609) 580-0549